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Some of our top selling products at a glance. For all of our products check out our Catalog page

Full Grow Kit
Our complete Grow kit comes with everything you need to grow gourmet mushrooms the minute you get it home!
 3 Pre-sterilized
 Grain Seed Jars
 3 Aluminum Casing
 containers  8''x4''x3''
 1 Bag of Vermiculite
 1 Bag of Casing material
 2 Syringes of Shiitake
 Mushroom Spores


Shiitake Mushroom Spore Syringe
Great mushrooms for hundreds of meal, easy to grow, and good for you too!


Grow your own culture!!
Grow your own mycelium and other cultures. A set of quality Petri Dishes are a must for any professional Cultivator of any kind.
Set of 8 Petri Dishes for $12.99
This Months Sale: $12.99

Mushroom Grow Bag
Our Autoclaiving Mushroom Grow Bags are the best purchase for the novice mushroom cultivator. They are a self-contained environment, in which you innoculate the the substrate with your own spores, and set it in your cupboard, closet, or any place dark, and the bag does the rest!


Pre-Innoculated Grow Bag
Dont want to deal with Innoculation yourself? Buy a Pre-innoculated Grow Bag. Already injected it will start to fruit 2-4 weeks after arrival. All you need to do is place it somewhere dark! Choose the variety you want!

Pre-Innoculated Grow Bags.....only $39.99 each or 2 for $64.99

Pre-Sterilized Substrate Jars
3 Pre-Sterilized Substrate Jars for only $19.99

Today's Specials

As of now, we are offering 3 Pre-Sterilized Jars for $19.99. The Substrate is either Whole Grain Rye Seed, or Organic Brown Rice Powder..Your Choice!


Spore Syringes
All Spore syrings are $12.95 each, or you can purchase 2 syringes for $19.99. Order 2 of the same or mix and match!

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