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Welcome to our new site!

Mycology online strives to produce the only the highest quality mycology observation, and cultivation supplies. We offer many different growing mediums and spores for Edible mushrooms as well, all prepared fresh for your order!

      Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Mycology Online is now nation wide and we are so pleased that we can expand our customer base and deliver only the highest quality Mycology and Hydroponic supplies and equipment. 
      Our most popular item so far are our Basic Grow Kit for $24.99. The Basic Kit comes with 3 one pint Rye Grass Seed filled Pre-Styrilized jars, 3 Casing containers, 1 bag of Vermiculite, and 1 bag Casing material. Take a look inside and check out our list of Edible gourmet mushrooms or look at our other herbal products. We offer grow kits to cultivate your own edible mushrooms at home for your own pleasure!

Here we may display a picture of this month's special:

Grow kits starting at $24.99!!!!
Feel free to email us with any question or comments at:

Mycology online
592 Ammunition rd #16
Fallbrook Ca 92028